Warranty Information


This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized or improperly performed repairs, alterations, and/or wear and tear occasioned by use of the product, and does not include any expense for inconvenience or loss of use while the product is being repaired or replaced. Kurt Wilson Guitars, Inc. expressly disclaims any liability for consequential damaged arising from the sale, use, or inability to use the product. Any warranty implied by law, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness, is expressly limited to the one (1) year warranty term for the parts on our electric guitars. The foregoing statements of warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies. Material and workmanship lifetime warranty is limited strictly to the original retailer purchaser of the instrument registered with Kurt Wilson Guitars, Inc. within 10 days of purchase from an authorized Kurt Wilson Guitars, Inc. dealer or distributor. Kurt Wilson Guitars, Inc. will pay shipping costs to return the unit to its owner within the mainland U.S. The above warranty policy only applies to customers in USA. If you are an international customer, please check with your distributor and the dealer in your country for warranty matters. Warranty issues must be handled through your dealer or distributor. If you are an international customer who purchased (or plan to purchase) from a US dealer, we can handle warranty matters direct but you will be responsible for shipping both ways. We encourage international customers to purchase through your local distributor or dealer for this reason. Our international distributors are set up to handle warranty issues in their respective countries. If you do not have an authorized Kurt Wilson Guitars dealer in your country, please contact us direct for further details.


We understand that even the best quality piece of gear may not suit your particular tastes and playing style, especially with the myriad options we offer. If you are not happy with your order and the product, please feel free to contact us. We offer you a refund within 48 hours after you have received the merchandise, excluding shipping charges and a 15% restocking fee. Due to the extraneous work and labor involved in handling returns, we need to charge the 15% restocking fee. To return merchandise, you need to call us for a return authorization. We will need to inspect the returned merchandise to determine that it is in the original condition as it was shipped from our facility. Once the merchandise is received in the original condition at our facility, you will be issued a refund or, if you wish, you can apply your payment to other merchandise you may wish to purchase or order. Applying credit will not be subject to the restocking fee.

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