About Kurt Wilson

The greatest asset of Kurt Wilson Guitars is Kurt's commitment, dedication, and focus on building the very best guitars and satisfying the most discriminating players. It’s not simply the gratification of building a great guitar, it's all about the journey and satisfaction of creating an expression of love. We hope that you will enjoy the fruit of that journey!

​Being a lead guitar player in a local rock band in the early '80's, Kurt was always interested in the mechanics of how his instruments were built, and "what made them tick". His interest was more than curiosity, ​and he became a student of a local Luthier in 1986 who showed him the fine craft of guitar building. Taking what he learned, and a desire to make the best guitar in the world, Kurt ​designed, engineered and built his first custom guitar in 1990. With that the Kurt Wilson Standard Edition was born!

Since 1990, Kurt has refined his skill, and mastered his craft. ​As he has pursued his passion as an avocation, he has created and sold over 300 full custom works of musical art and has become regarded as a Master Luthier. So well regarded are his guitars, ​many individual musicians are repeat buyers, including one who has purchased 20 of his hand crafted guitars.

​​In 2015 Kurt incorporated, ​​expanded to become a full service business, and began to distribute his hand-crafted guitars through music dealerships.  One guitar dealer says:

"We here are Canton Music Shoppe have been lucky enough to carry his guitars and have been nothing short of blown away by them. You would be hard pressed to find a better handmade instrument regardless of price."

​All of Kurt Wilson's guitars are handmade one-by-one by Kurt himself including everything from wood selection to the final polish. Kurt has a keen eye for quality and an impeccable ear for tone. His guitars are built to the highest quality standards and are centered on tone and playability; not to take anything away from the incredible beauty factor of his instruments.

His skill as an experienced Master Luthier, his technological know-how, and his hard work and lifetime of dedication shows he truly loves what he's doing. That expression of love culminates in producing musical works of art that discriminating artists and musicians will relish for a lifetime.

"All my guitars are meticulously hand crafted. Only the finest hardwoods are used throughout  - from the hand carved neck, thin or fat, to the easy access neck to body joint. My guitars play fast, comfortable and with ease. The goal is to provide the player with every possible advantage. When you plug in you will notice a great versatility of tone ranging from super clean hollow body type sound, to thin cleaner single coil, to an up front punchy fat brightness that lead players will love."                              ~Kurt Wilson


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